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Dear School Owners:

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS) Board of Commissioners, at its recent meeting held August 5, 2013, in accordance with NACCAS’ Rules of Practice and Procedure, Section 10.03, (b), adopted amendments by emergency action made to NACCAS’ Standard VI, Criterion 15, and Policy IX.01 16b and IX.02 15b the amendments went into effect August 8, 2013. 

In addition, the Commission made amendments to the Rules of Practice and Procedure, Section 9.11 and to Appendix #14B these changes were not by emergency action, however, they went into effect immediately. The changes made by the Commission have been bold and black-lined below.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tony Mirando at if you have any questions.

Amendment to Standard VI, Criterion 15

Standard VI, Criterion 15 Externships

D15. If an institution participates in an externship, the institution’s externship complies with all applicable requirements established by the state regulatory agency, however, not to exceed 10% of the total course and/or program. In absence of regulations promulgated by the state agency, the institution’s externship will comply with the NACCAS Externship Requirements Policy.

Amendment to Policy IX.01 16b and IX.02 15b

Policy IX.01 16b and IX.02 15b  Probation and Appeal for SAP

Item 16b and 15b respectively “The student prevails upon appeal of a negative progress determination prior to being placed on probation; and:

Amendment to Rules Section 9.11

Section 9.11 Composition of Appeal Review Panel

The Appeal Review Panel shall consist of seven (7) Panelists, of which:

  1. Four (4) Panelists shall satisfy the qualifications set forth in NACCAS’ By-Laws  for a Commissioner representing schools in fields of training within NACCAS’ scope; provided, however, that at all times at least three (3) of such Panelists shall satisfy the ownership requirements of Article III, Section IV.A.4;

Amendment to Appendix #14B

Appendix #14B has been removed from NACCAS’ Handbook.



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